About Us

WOMB is a place where ideas come to life. It’s about being yourself, being proud and sharing with others. The platform is intended to inspire and be inspired. 

WOMB started with two people. Our founder Kasia is a self-taught photographer who lives in Bristol. She always dreamt of photographing people and this is one of the main reasons why our first project, Women’s Circle, was born. Natalia, WOMB’s editor based in Copenhagen, is a freshly baked mom striving to finish her first book.

Despite being born and raised in the same town, we haven’t been in touch for many years. Only as adult women, living thousands of kilometres apart did we reunite. Initially we talked about our experiences living abroad, and after a while we realised we share an interest in people and storytelling. Thus, driven by a love and respect for women, combined with an itch for sharing stories, we decided it was time for us to bring WOMB to life and reach out to others. We hope it will become a hub of female creativity.

Kasia and Natalia

For press inquiry and collaborations drop us a line at [email protected]

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