“I can be my most honest and most vulnerable with a piece of paper”

Words: Aleksandra Pawłowska

Having recently rediscovered her old passion for writing poetry, founder of Looking for Heroes set on a self-discovery quest navigated by an unleashed pen versifying Aleksandra’s experience of being a woman. “I can be my most honest and most vulnerable with a piece of paper,” the poet says as she explores the feeling of empowerment that comes with vocalising her thoughts and feelings about the world around her.


I am like a river who got angry with stagnating

for too long I am coming

and I won’t stop for anything

With thunder as my armour

and storm by my side

Don’t waste your time trying to stop me

I can’t hear you

~ A women reaching for her dreams


You come in like an earthquake

uninvited and sudden

You shatter the land overflowing with love

and you turn it into ruin

Everything I worked for is at your mercy

and as I stand

on the land that I righteously own

numb yet unyielding

I pray for mercy

I am going to endure one more time

I am going to survive

~ Anxiety


You are equally worthy at all times

Whether people like you or not

Regardless of age and the way you look

With make-up and without it

During your personal lows and your personal highs

When you are brave and when you are weak

When you speak your truth and when you choose to stay silent

When everybody around you seems to be doing better than you

When you succeed and when you fail

You are worthy at all times


Instead of teaching our daughters just to go to church

we need to teach them






We need to teach them to carry themselves

as they are the most sacred

divine beings in the world

Instead of teaching them just how to pray to God we need to help them see


it is them

who is the


We need to teach them

the self-respect so strong

self-love so deep

that they will know it is their responsibility to always protect themselves

to put themselves first no matter who is watching

We need to teach them to guard themselves knowing

that they are the most precious thing

they will ever own

Let’s arm them with confidence to say No

and let’s encourage them to use it

Not even with care but whenever appropriate

whenever the soul deems right

Without a limit

For the gift of No will be the greatest gift they will ever receive from us, and the greatest gift they will pass on to the next generations to come