Anna Hoghton 

Just being out there. Feeling breeze on my face. Closing my eyes and letting go of fear. Trying to balance on the board carried by waves. Far away from my comfort zone. It feels good.

I met Anna on a warm August afternoon, just a few days before her trip to California to reunite with the love of her life. They’ve been nurturing their long-distance relationship, travelling back and forth between Los Angeles and Bristol for years. I remember the excitement and restlessness glaring from the other side of my computer screen. “Is the tingle of the unknown what makes them keep going?” I remember thinking. The thrill in Anna’s eyes brought me a few years back to the time when I was in a similar situation. My not-so-long-distance relationship, compared to Anna’s, continued for only a few months, and we happily moved in together. Things are so uncomplicated when you’re lucky enough to fall in love with another citizen of EU… 

What I learned about Hoghton during our first encounter was that this gentle woman, who’s a dyslectic and award-winning poet and filmmaker at the same time, treasures love, creativity and environment above all, which she states so clearly both in her private life and in a number of professional projects she gets involved in.

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