Christine Apiou

I am a maker.

Christine Apiou, the founder of Hukurou Illustration, was the first woman I met through Women’s Circle. A Bristol based illustrator who has drawn for so long that she can't even remember how it all started. Yet she remembers drawing a lot with her mom when she was a child. She also remembers that as an eight-year-old she was too impatient to enjoy her first piano lessons. She remembers that throughout primary school she was trying to fit in and be like her peers. Well, I think it must have been difficult trying to be just average when you are as extraordinary as Christine is. She accurately calls herself a maker because she primarily works with her hands.

In my eyes Christine is not only a maker, she is a creator of an abstract world of Hukurou. A medley of colours, shapes, sounds and light all represented on paper is a dreamy vision from the border between the real and the unreal. Studying her works was a trip into her mind, which allowed me to see the world through her eyes. And she does see a lot more than an average person, which can be observed in the detailed artworks. Many of Hukurou’s impressionistic drawings rather project a mood than represent anything concrete and this skilfuldance with synesthesia truly appeals to my senses.

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