Heidi Saevareid 

Everyone needs some sort of release.

Now close your eyes and imagine that you’re sitting all comfortable on the floor with your knees pulled up all the way so that they’re touching your chin. You’re holding your legs as if you were hugging someone close, your forehead resting on the bended knees. Your eyes shut peacefully. Can you feel how safe you are? Now imagine that a person approaches you from behind. You can feel their breath on your neck. Suddenly you hear a metallic sound. This same person who came near you only seconds ago places one hand on your left shoulder and uses their right hand to put a ten-centimetre-long steel hook through the loose bit of skin covering your right shoulder. They subsequently pierce your body in multiple places with more steel hooks. Can you see it happening? Now imagine your body being suspended above the ground on those hooks. How does it feel? A Norwegian writer and a literary critic, Heidi Sævareid, confessed to me that paradoxically body suspensions bring a relief to her.

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