Marinella Benelli 

Is there something more to women than flesh and blood? A soul? A spirit? An extremely strong intuition? Sixth sense? I’m not a fan of presenting women as witches or mystical creatures, since women believed to have supernatural powers are being hunted and killed until this day in many places on our globe. Obviously, the fear of “witches” and scapegoating have their roots not only in centuries-long tradition, but also in an extremely poor level of education in some regions.

However, have you ever wondered why so many cultures (also our ancestors here in the West) persecuted women for their mysterious ways? Why women? And is this something that we were scared of for so long, really terrifying or rather fascinating?

I had the pleasure of discussing the mystical side of women with Marinella Benelli, a 38-year-old Italian who found her vocation in rainy England. She reminded me of how important it is to let a little bit of magic into our lives, listen to the inner voice, be in tune with our bodies and hearts. Is Marinella a wizard? No. She’s a mother, a yoga teacher, a bodyworker and I’d call her a spiritual guide or “a kind of witch”.

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