Made up of two creatives born in the same town but based in two different countries now, This Is Womb is a platform for daring, creative women who seek inspiration and exchange on their journey to express who they are and what they care for. The platform channels many voices that eagerly discuss topics and concepts important for women. Please, read our submission guidelines in order to make sure that your piece meets the criteria. If you haven’t heard from us within a week, feel free to send us a follow-up email. We try to respond to everybody regardless if you are successful with your submission, or not.  Please direct all submissions to and don’t forget to type “Submission” in the subject field.


Do you write essays, articles, poetry or short fiction? Great, This Is Womb accepts it all. The size and style are up to you but we kindly ask our contributors that they only submit pieces that have not been published anywhere else before. Feel free to share your music, spoken poetry, illustrations or photography too, we will gladly explore it. If unsure about what is best to submit, or to pitch an idea, please contact us at, we will be more than happy to discuss ideas and help you form a premise. We take submissions from everyone.

  • Written articles must be in English, using UK English spelling.

  • This Is Womb reserves the right to make grammatical and editorial changes to follow house style.

  • Contributors are responsible for providing the credits, Name, Website and Instagram Handle. If more than one person has contributed, credits for each person’s role must be clearly stated.

  • If you are new to This Is Womb, please attach a 50-100 word bio to your submission so that our readers know who you are.

  • Images must be submitted sized at 1800 pixels wide or larger.

  • Photo based stories must contain 8-10 images for us to select from. Images should be sent via Dropbox, We Transfer or Google Drive.

  • This Is Womb reserves the right to remove content published on our platform without notice.

  • This Is Womb reserves the right to lay out your content in the way that we see fit and following our house style.

We will inform you of the final shape of your feature prior to sharing it on the platform. This Is Womb works on a submissions only basis. We look forward to hearing from you! 

This Is Womb Team