Women's Circle is a project about celebrating femininity and reclaiming the meaning of feminism.

Growing up with a single mom and her grandma, Kasia, our founder, was raised to be an independent woman both sure of herself and loving at the same time. She always thought she simply wasn't a girly girl but after moving to the UK, she found out how wrong she was. Inspired and surrounded by beautiful, talented women she decided to start this project as a photo story. It didn't take long to realise she was going to need a partner in crime (ideally with writing skills) and then she found Natalia. 

Working together since that moment has been an empowering, creative experience which has not only strengthened their friendship but given them the opportunity to create a community of inspiring women.
We're both deeply grateful for all the wonderful, wild women to have been involved in this project.

Hopefully Women's Circle will become something bigger than just storytelling. We're planning to launch a platform for women under the name Womb so if you'd like to contribute, please get in touch.

Kasia and Natalia

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